Dimitra & Manos rent a car Corfu can guide and present you with many benefits of renting a car at Corfu Airport

Our suggestion above to rent a car at Corfu airport may come as a surprise to you. It is a little contradictory to what you have experienced so far with other car rental companies. Renting a car at Corfu airport, (or most other airports in the world), can be considerably more expensive than picking it up from a city car rental office.

In fact, a simple Google search of ‘is it cheaper to rent a car at the airport or off-site?’will return some discouraging results. The whole of Page 1 in Google results will advise you against car rental at Corfu Airport, (or all other airports worldwide in this specific search). If you don’t want to pay more than necessary, renting a car off-site and not at airport terminals, will save you a handsome amount of money.

The ‘benefits we are going to list for car rental Corfu Airport‘, will change your mind and show you how there are always exceptions to these rules. We will present you with a step by step guide of what you need to do to rent a car at Corfu airport and not pay anything extra than if you rented a car in Corfu town. It is a huge convenience to have your rental car as soon as you walk off the Arrival’s terminal. You shouldn’t have to pay for this benefit, and this is how Dimitra & Manos Car Rental Corfu can help you avoid this.

Competition is huge among car rental companies at Corfu Airport – the big international car rental chains usually win – but not this time

A surprisingly large number of people will blindly trust international car rental agencies when searching for their next rental car. They trust the big players of this industry and often end up paying more without much questioning. These companies will impose higher rates, on top of the cost of your car, just for the privilege of picking it up at Corfu airport. Holidaymakers will knowingly pay more for the sake of the ‘brand name’.

By choosing well-known car rental chains, you’re consciously supporting a system that is not set with a ‘Customer satisfaction attitude’, but a ‘profit-oriented’ philosophy. These car rental agencies at Corfu airport, have a long list of ‘policies’ to follow. Policies that have not been implemented to make your holiday easier but to earn higher profit margins at your expense. Their huge overheads for having a car rental office at Corfu airport alone, makes them charge you for every possible service in your car rental contract.

This is where Dimitra & Manos Car Rental Corfu comes in with the free Corfu airport pick-up service

We are a family-run car rental business, and as such, we think ‘family first’. Your family’s convenience is one of our top priorities. We value the time and effort it takes to organise a great holiday. You shouldn’t have to go out of your way to receive your car rental or pay a hefty amount for picking it up upon your arrival at Corfu airport. Whether you are travelling solo as a couple, or as a family, we provide you with a ‘free Corfu airport car pick up’.

Having your car as soon as you arrive at Corfu airport, will make a great start to your holiday. Recognising this holiday need, we opted out of having an actual car rental office at Corfu airport so that we can keep the costs down for you. It is our way of competing against big car rental conglomerates. It is our innovative way of prioritising your convenience without the extra costs imposed by the big players. As soon as you arrive at Corfu International airport, our agent will be waiting for you, just outside the Arrivals terminal. You will be ready to drive away in no time.

Take advantage of your Corfu airport car hire, free pick-up, and do some sightseeing in the area

Corfu is famous for its architecture and famous landmarks sprawled everywhere you drive. If you are visiting for just one week, you may find that you’re quickly running out of time to see even the most important landmarks.

You could definitely take advantage of our free delivery of your car rental at Corfu airport and see a sight or two before your check-in. You won’t suffer from any jetlag if you are flying from within Europe. Most flight durations from any city in Europe to Corfu International Airport is on average 2-4 hours. So here are some of the most famous landmarks in Corfu that you can visit:

Mon Repos Palace – Distance from Corfu Airport -> 0,9 miles

This idyllic palace was built in 1826 with strong foundations of eternal love. British Commissioner, Frederic Adams, followed the Royal way – the only way-his love allowed for his Greek wife, Nina Palatianou.
A lot of history passed through its doors as it was later used as a summer residence for all governors of Corfu. It was gifted to several royal families, such as King George I of Greece. Prince Phillip, (Queen Elizabeth’s II husband), was also born in this house in 1921. It now belongs to the Greek State where thousands of visitors pass through the beautiful, Classical style doors to admire its interiors. Mon Repos Palace should be on top of your list of things to see while in Corfu and close to Corfu airport.

Vlacherna Monastery – Distance from Corfu Airport -> 0,9 miles

The benefits of car rental at Corfu Airport

The monastery of Vlacherna in Corfu

The monastery of Vlacherna, (also known as ‘Pontikonisi), is one of the most iconic landmarks of Corfu. The kind you will see on almost every postcard available and for a good reason. Proudly resting on the ‘Kanoni’ peninsula, one has to walk through a narrow passage and cross over to the monastery itself. It truly depicts much of Corfu’s essence and Greece’s typical landscape. Surrounded by the blue waters of the Ionian Sea, with a multi-tiered ceramic roof tile and whitewashed walls. The tall cypress tree, the lone resident of the central courtyard, stands tall and greets thousands of visitors that flock here every year. The high number of tourists fighting for the best selfie have not managed to disturb the monastery’s tranquillity. Many Corfiots visit here on July 2nd every year to worship the Virgin Mary of Vlacherna, carrying a history that’s more than five centuries old.

Casa Parlante – Distance from Corfu airport -> 1,7 miles

This remarkable museum offers a genuinely immersive experience through the history of Corfu. As you walk through Casa Parlante, you are surrounded by ‘characters’, that depict the everyday life of 19th-century Corfu. It really is true, ‘Living History Museum’ at its best. Technology and robotics help you see what it was like living during the 19th century in Corfu. If you need a quick and powerful history lesson, you shouldn’t give this place a miss.

Corfu Old Town – Distance from Corfu airport -> 1,7 miles

Corfu Old town is a ‘Unesco World Heritage Site’, You can’t say you visited Corfu if you haven’t wandered around this splendid, mostly Venetian architecture town. If you are driving here straight from Corfu Airport with your rental car, it’s best to park just before the Old town Fortress and walk around town. Since you will get your bearings on this first visit, it will be much easier to revisit for longer and explore the great corners, cafes and eateries one can find here.

Spianada Square – Distance from the airport -> 1,7 miles

The most popular square in Corfu town that is used as a meeting place for both locals and visitors alike. The turbulent history of Corfu is depicted here and within a very short distance from Corfu Airport. The word ‘Spianada’ originates from the Italian word ‘Spianare’, which means to ‘flatten’.
Spianada square is actually the 2nd biggest square in the whole of Europe. Up until the 19-century, this area located between the Old Fortress and the town of Corfu was used only for defence purposes. The history that surrounds Spianada square highlights the British era with the City Palace, the Venetians with the Old Venetian Fortress and the French with the ‘Liston’ area.

Old Fortress of Corfu – Distance from Corfu airport -> 1,8 miles

Constructed during the Venetian rule in the 15th-century, it is one of the most impressive fortifications in Europe. It should be on top of your list of things to visit while in Corfu, (together with the Monastery of Vlacherna). A great way to visit this solid structure is to combine it with your visit to Spianada square. If you have some extra time after your arrival at Corfu airport, make sure you climb to the top, (you will need about 20 minutes to complete the ascend). The spectacular views of the whole town and the deep blue Ionian Sea will reward both your time and effort.

Like most landmarks in spread throughout Corfu, there is a lot of history embedded in its walls. The Venetians constructed the Fortress on a site of a former Byzantine castle and separated it from the mainland to make it more secure. Access was allowed by a wooden bridge to gain more control of any possible foes approaching. The British then replaced this bridge with a cemented pathway that still provides access to modern day visitors.

So many famous landmarks and history to explore with your car rental directly from Corfu airport

Corfu is full of treasures, and while you may want to spend your holiday just relaxing under the sun, you should make an effort to see some of its landmarks. Renting a car at Corfu airport will give you the advantage of visiting a couple of the above monuments as soon as you depart from the airport. You will have the luxury of starting to plan your time there upon your arrival. It is an excellent way of combining your holidays with an enriched historical and cultural experience.